Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hey I am still around...

A lot things have happen in my  life lately...summer was great...We went to the Dominican republic for three weeks, we staid at my mom's house and it was great because my children got to spent time with their grandma, and great- grandma and hey I turned 40 (I cant believe I said it), We bought a second home which will be our primary resident and oh boy, boy, boy we bought our new house outright so no mortgage on that house.. we have not move yet as the house needs some repairs to be done... My car broke and it needs to be fix, It will be a long time till I get a new car...We have two very old cars and a house with no mortgage, sounds weird right, but you get the picture..We never had a new car, all our cars have being second or fifth hand.Sometimes I feel bad for my husband because his friends have the nicest cars and they constantly talking about cars and then I look at my husband and somehow I see sadness....I hope that now that we don't have a mortgage he can save enough for a new car.. We stopped using credit cars a long time ago, My parents never had a credit card, to this day its a ashamed for them to have one..I trying to follow theirs steps..

In my spare time I being teaching myself photography and I admire some good photographers..But what concerns me these days is my editing style, I think I like airy, clean, bright photos....

Monday, April 6, 2015

Daffodils Flowers

                                              Daffodils Flowers are always the first to come out...Lets see who follows!!!